JINMA 4 Wheel Drive DIESEL

Best lowest priced DIESEL

Jinma compact utility tractors imported from China are perfect for home, farm, hobby, work, or play.   Dependable, efficient, and smooth running Three & Four cylinder diesel engines run forever at a fraction of the cost of gasoline, and are smoother and quieter than their two cylinder counterparts from some other manufacturers.   These tractors have hundreds of uses.

Own a NEW tractor for less than you might expect to pay for a good used one, with NONE OF THE HASSLES, down-time, and increased maintenence expenses of using older equipment.   I speak from years of (bad) experience on that topic.   4WD is the only way to go for serious work or play, especially if you use a front end loader!


22 - 45 Horsepower - Power Steering -
6 speed transmission - Hi/Lo range -
12 speeds Total - 3 point hitch - Live Power -
Dual Speed PTO - Differential Lock
EVERYTHING you need in a tractor and more!

Powerful enough for serious work.  Maneuverable in tight spots.   FUN TO DRIVE!

The Jinma tractors are by far the most popular compact diesel tractors being imported from China, have dealers and parts available all over the country, and have made significant strides in recent years to improve many features specifically for the US market.

In fact here's an unsolicited testimonial I recently received from someone I don't even know:

I don't need any Info but I would like to say
I have owned a 25 horse 4wd Jinma with FEL for
one year. I have dug a 40' X 40' X 5' deep pit
for a garden pond. Hauled all the dirt to back fill
a sea wall and all the wood and concrete to build
the sea wall. Any of the few minor problems that I have
had I can fix. Buy from a dealer. I knew nothing about
any tractors when I bought this one. I took a chance on
this one for the price thinking it would be a throw away
tractor when I was finished. It is still hauling logs,
repairing my road, digging, plowing, and all the things
my back used to do. It is also fun to drive and very smooth
with a lot of extra power.


Jinma Tractors STANDARD FEATURES & info:

·        TWO SPEED PTO 540/1000 RPM
    (Except the 30HP & 35HP)


·       GLOW PLUGS
·       Manuals, Many Spare Parts and Tools
·       12-forward speeds, 4-reverse

Cold start system for easy starting in cold climates is also available.

Shuttle shift available on most models.

200 (20+hp) and 400 (40+hp) series have high/low trans and high/low creeper gears. 300 (30+hp) series does NOT have creeper gears.

Jinma tractors are imported and sold under several different brand names.  Not all dealers include the latest LE SERIES or other options and updates.  Know what you're getting BEFORE you buy.

These tractors are NOT identical to Kubota, John Deere, New Holland, and other BIG NAME equivalents. But they cost about half the price and are the BEST VALUE new tractors you can buy anywhere.  

American made?   Unfortunately not much is any more.   Even most BIG NAME tractors are either imported or assembled using imported parts.   Most BIG NAME tractors under 100HP are made in Japan, China, Korea, or other parts of the world and exported to the USA and other destinations all over the world.   Most of what you pay extra for is their advertising, marketing, brand name, and overhead expenses.

The Jinma’s are dependable, economical, and simple to
work on with constant improvements being made.   It's understandable that some people are upset because these tractors have become so popular.   So it's possible to find some garbage and outdated misinformation on the Internet from people with a personal agenda.   But every owner I've talked to has been absolutely delighted with their Jinma tractor - even after years of use.

If you’re looking for a GREAT VALUE in a DEPENDABLE work tractor, you can’t beat the Jinma.   They make tractors from 18HP - 45HP.

I’m NOT a full service dealer.  I’m just an ‘average Joe’ who appreciates a GREAT VALUE or good deal and who’s done a lot of research.   I threw up this webpage initially to help a friend, and leave it up now to help others find a good deal.

If you’re looking for a full service dealer and the valuable services and support they can provide, I can probably refer you to a good one.   In fact without a doubt, Jinma tractors have the best support network of ANY imported Chinese tractors for dealers, parts, service, and information.


I used to post prices on this webpage.   But because there are occasional changes and the time it takes me to keep up with and make updates I no longer do that.   Just email me what you're looking for and I'll bet I can find someone who can save you $$$$$!

Be aware that not all dealers prep their tractors the same.
If you're looking for a great price or the best value on a professionally assembled tractor, test-driven and ready to go to work, with all the latest updates, including LE options and American fluids and battery, I can help you get it and SAVE A BUNDLE!


Back Hoe
Mower (mid or rear mount)
Turf Tires
6" woodchipper
Log splitter

My favorite distributors can often save you $500 - $1500 under most dealers retail for the same tractor and THOUSANDS under other "brand name" tractors, most of which also get imported or are assembled here using imported parts.

It's up to you to decide what's the best VALUE for YOUR dollar.   I let someone else talk me into a different brand name for the first imported tractor I bought a few years ago.   But I ended up with a Jinma.   I've been using them now for several years, couldn't be happier, and still believe they are the BEST VALUE on the market, with more widespread service and support available than any other import.

Several companies such as Northern, AgraCat, Farm Pro, and others, have imported and sold similar (but not always identical) tractors made by Jinma with different color schemes or decals.

For more information Contact:

Mike Duffey   715-758-7550
(8AM-8PM CST)  Wisconsin
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NAME and PHONE NUMBER to verify your request.

Thanks for your interest.

If your main concern is...
Getting the best price on a GREAT TRACTOR...
We can pass SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS on to you!

More Background info I discovered in my research:

Powerful diesel engine

Diesel engines provide low RPM power ideal for tractor use.  They are more rugged, require less maintenance, and run a lot longer on a gallon of fuel.  And in most places ‘off-road’ diesel fuel can be purchased at much lower cost without the 'road taxes' that can increase the cost of gasoline by 30% or more. The Chinese diesels that come in these tractors, are strong, powerful engines.  The Chinese have been making diesel engines for over 50 years, and produce more units per year then any other nation.  They will typically out-perform top brand models of the same HP rating manufactured in other countries.

These tractors are manufactured specifically for the US market and include many popular features at a fraction of the cost of "name-brand" tractors.

Many “name brand” tractors in the USA under 100HP are manufactured in China, Japan, Korea, or other countries, then painted with a well-known color that adds THOUSANDS to the price. Others that are "assembled here", use parts imported from various parts of the world. Generally Chinese diesels are built heavier than their Japanese counterparts and can be expected to outlast them.

China builds more diesel engines than the rest of the world combined and builds more tractors than North America, South America, and Europe combined. The Chinese have been building diesel tractors for more than fifty years. Chinese tractors are sold on every continent and in nearly every country, and are well-known for their dependability, ease of use, servicability, and simplicity. Most of the RURAL areas they are designed to be used in do not have easy access to service facilities so they are built for years of trouble free use and designed simple enough to be serviced by their owners.

Many models of Chinese or Japanese tractors are imported into the US every year. We've done a lot of research and think we've found the best VALUE FOR DOLLAR out there. If you're mechanically inclined and willing to assemble one yourself, it's possible to pay a little less. And if you want the valuable services and support of a full service dealer, it's possible to pay a LOT more. But feature for feature we don't think you'll find a better VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLAR anywhere. If you're thinking of getting an unassembled "crated" or "grey market" tractor it's BUYER BEWARE! Many true horror stories exist. Trying to save a little could end up costing you THOUSANDS - and numerous headaches for years!

I hope this simple page and FREE INFORMATION has been of some help to you.

GOOD LUCK in your quest for the "best deal" you can find.

For more details, or answers to specific questions,
CONTACT ME at the number or email LINK above.